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Why are you here? 

Are you a…

Person with a disability, a PWD,

Family, friend or loved one of a PWD,

Business with PWD customers or employees.

Tony in his wheelchair
The Access Ape Man; Tony

Are you confused, worried, anxious or just looking for information?

Relax, Access Ape has ANSWERS NOW!


This website is about resources, help, answers

Links to over 250 working websites and growing.

Hi, I’m Tony,

When I went swimming that day in August 1972 I had no idea my life would be forever altered.  A few hours later my friends carried me out of that creek.  Unable to feel or move anything below my chest, the fear began rising.  At the hospital they confirmed, I had a spinal cord injury, SCI.

Traveling my new path in life has been quite a learning experience.  I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and resources on accessibility, disabilities and the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA.  I am not selling anything here.  This website is here to help people and businesses.

Volunteering at the Shepherd Center library I was meeting new SCI patients, and more often their family members, desperately looking for information, looking for answers.  In the early days after my accident that need for information was unanswered.  I wanted to help them.

Nothing is more rewarding than looking into that person’s eyes when you say, “I can help you.  I know where you can get…” information, resources, assistance, etc…

I cannot see your eyes thru this website, but I will still feel rewarded knowing this site will help people!

The Internet:  The Library of the World at Your Fingertip.

The vast amount of information and resources available on the internet is mind blowing.

Google ‘disability’ and you get 211,000,000 results.  211 million in less than 1 second!

  • Tell the truth, how often do you look past the first page on Google?
  • How often do you have to retype a new search term to be more specific?

It is not always easy to find information on the internet.  That is why I wanted to share the links I have accumulated.  In my work as a copywriter, significant research is always the first step.  Research is one thing I always enjoy because I always discover something incredible.  So putting together this website has been a blast.

I have found some awesome sites to add to the Access Ape.  Sites that offer terrific information and resources but usually do not hit Google’s first page.  Got a favorite website I missed?  Send it to me!  Noncommercial sites only.  I am trying to focus on sites that help rather than sell.

Who Is Access Ape Trying to Help

♦  Persons with disabilities

♦  Family, Friends and Loved ones of People with disabilities

♦  Businesses:

  • Looking for accessibility help,
  • ADA Title III Public Accommodations help
  • ADA Title I Employment help

Website Info

Access Ape does not endorse any of these websites.  These agencies, organizations and businesses are presented as resources and information for your benefit.

Some websites may offer items or services for sale, or request donations.  Consider carefully before making any purchases or donations.

Advertising helps support the efforts of Access Ape to promote accessibility and help people.